Metal Stamping

Midland Stamping & Fabricating is a provider of high quality metal stampings to the world’s leading manufacturing companies.

Although we manufacture all types of basic stampings, we have developed an expertise for complex stampings. We specialize in progressive dies with the large number of stations required for complex parts. This reduces cost by eliminating secondary operations and improving production throughput.

Our combination of high tonnage, large bed sized presses allows us to address all your stamping part needs. The Midland management team has hundreds of years of combined experience in stamping, fabricating and engineering.

Through early involvement and collaboration in your project, we are able to put our expertise to work with your company’s team to manufacture the best products using the most efficient processes available.

metal stamping press Chicago
Equipment / Capabilities
54 presses ranging from 10–1,000 Tons, bed sizes up to 132" x 72".